Katie Lewis

McTimoney Chiropractor (MChiro)

Swedish and Holistic Massage Therapy (Dip) 

Katie qualified as a massage therapist in 2016, both Swedish holistic and deep tissue.  She then practiced this alongside working and studying for her master’s in chiropractic which she achieved in 2021 from McTimoney College of Chiropractic. 


McTimoney practice is quite distinctive from mainstream chiropractic, and the techniques are more in line with physiotherapy. The main tool is a specific type of adjustment that doesn’t cause the audible popping or cracking sound.  Quick, gentle adjustments are used to bring your body back into balance, reducing restrictions, relieving pain, and promoting natural healing, making it a comfortable technique to receive.  The McTimoney technique is a gentle and effective manipulative technique that treats the whole body to maintain and correct the alignment of the spine and allow the nervous system to function at its optimum potential.  Katie also uses soft tissue massaging and stretching techniques to relieve the tension within tight muscles.  Katie will produce a working diagnosis and will explain any proposed treatments fully.