Victoria John, is a registered podiatrist who has over 25 years of experience with a variety of foot and body issues and will work to help you feel your best once again. She understands that there aren’t quick, simple fixes when it comes to these specific pain issues and her methodical treatments are designed to have you feeling better gradually and safely.

Whether you need rehabilitation after an injury, running re-education or assistance with foot problems of any kind, Victoria is ready to assist with bespoke and friendly service. 


Registered Podiatrist

Victoria specialises in podiatric biomechanics and will assess how the structure, alignment and function of your feet and legs affect the overall health of your body. If you are dealing with pain issues in your ankles, hips, lower back and other areas of your body, it can often be associated with the feet and legs.

She provides detailed assessments and programs that will show overall improvement and pain management through proper stretching, exercise and footwear (orthotics).

We work with our clients on a person-to-person basis and realise that each client we see has their own specific needs. Our specialised approach is really what sets us apart from the rest. We look forward to assisting with whatever pain you may be experiencing and providing you with a long-term solution!