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Emma has done more for me in 4 sessions than my chiropractor has done in 4 years. She goes above and beyond with her knowledge and expertise in a superb environment. She has changed my life by helping with diagnosis, treating pain, recommending exercises, always listening and restoring my confidence. I cannot recommend Emma enough.


I have been to see Emma for a couple of courses of treatment for lower back pain, after working from home during the pandemic. She is extremely competent and professional, gets to the cause of problems very quickly, and is also great at explaining what’s causing the issues in a way that makes sense to me (as someone with no biology/medical training) and helps me to understand the reasoning behind different exercises etc


EmmaK Jan 23.jpg

Director and Principal Physiotherapist

Chartered Physiotherapist, HCPC and AACP Registered

BSc (Hons) Science In Health, Exercise & Sport 

Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy 

Diploma Sports Massage


One of Bristol’s top sports injuries specialists! Emma is well known for her thinking outside the box. She considers all elements of her clients life that may contribute to their bio-mechanical issues which may lead to performance limitation, injury or inability to recover from injury. She has a sympathetic approach and believes in keeping you on the move. She will always try to find a way to help you achieve your goal. As a previous international athlete (Pistol Shooting) and amateur horse rider, trail runner and triathlete she understands how detrimental time away from your chosen sport or activity can be.

But it's not just sports injuries that she can help with.  Emma is well known in our area for her gentle and understanding manner in helping the older persons and pre and post surgical clients.  She is completely adaptable, calling on her vast experience to tailor treatments and exercises to suit individual needs.  However, if she feels that she is not the best person for you to see she will direct you to someone who can. 

Emma has a tool box absolutely full of different treatment modalities enabling her to select which are best for you and loves to teach you about the problem for a better understanding of why the treatment is applied and the exercises help. She will often apply a multitude of treatments in one session to get you better quicker. There will always be homework as the underlying problem is invariably caused by an imbalance in strength, flexibility and muscle patterning (how your body chooses to move).

  • Physiotherapist CSP & HPC Registered and over 20 years of Sports Massage experience.

  • Worked with elite athletes and teams, including the Welsh International Rugby Union Team, Age Group Triathlon European Champion and Reserve World Champion, Professional Cyclists and 3 Day Event Riders.

  • Previous NHS experience as rotational Physiotherapist for 3 years.

  • Previous lead physiotherapist for Bristol Sonics Rugby League Team & Old Bristolians RFC.

  • Current Lead Physiotherapist for Nailsea & Backwell RFC.

  • Over 20 years Sports Physio experience, 14 years acupuncture experience (Association of Acupuncture for Chartered Physiotherapists Registered).

  • Expert running gait analysis and running rehabilitation.

  • Equestrian specific physiotherapy available.

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