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Treatments Available 

Gait Analysis 

Video analysis of how you walk or run.  We will talk up through a head to toe assessment. 


This treatment method involves firm mobilisation of your joints and may produce a 'pop' noise.


This treatment method involves

mobilisation of your joints that is lighter than Manipulation.

Trigger Point Release

This involves a continuous pressure held on a muscle knot until it has relaxed.

Sports Massage

A mixture of massage techniques to alleviate muscle tension & adhesions. 

Holistic Massage

Remedial massage to restore balance and relaxation.  Can be lighter than Sports Massage.

Fascial Release 

A technique using steel tools or cups to separate and stretch the fascia (connective Tissue).

Stretching Techniques

Various passive and active stretching techniques to help with flexibility & Performance.


Insertion of fine needles to manipulate your physiology for a painkilling & healing effect.

Dry Needling 

A brief and targeted insertion of a fine needle into a muscle knot to elicit a release/relaxation.


Application of a suction cup to the skin to increase blood flow & stretch fascia & scar tissue.


Kinesio Tape & support taping to support joints, tendons or muscles. Posture education. 


The use of sound-waves to micro-massage tissue and create a healing response.


Pulsed pressure waves delivered at high intensity to create a healing response.

Neural Mobilisation

Specific moves and exercises to gain better mobility of the body's nerves.

Exercise Prescription

Exercise program via a free app for your rehabilitation and to help you achieve your goals.

Pre & Post Surgery

We can help prepare you for surgery & rehabilitate you after, including scar management.

Training Advice

Sports specific training & strengthening advice to prevent injury & increase performance

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