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Myth Busting Physio - Not all physios are the same!

Sadly the public perception of physiotherapy ins't a very positive one. This is mostly due to the diminishing services experienced in the NHS. The cost cutting of the physiotherapy service within the NHS has led to tying physio's hands. They are limited on how much they are allowed to do, how often or how many times they can see a patient. I feel for them. So many patients report just being handed a set of exercises and sent on their way..... We offer so much more here at Nailsea Physio!

Before the appointment:

You can usually book an appointment within a week, if not sooner! We have an easy to use online booking system so you can browse whats available and choose which suits you best. Should you not find anything to suit, then you can give us a call and we will try to accomodate you. We have an abundance of free parking available around Nailsea, so getting to your appointment should be easy.

The Appointments:

You matter! We will take the time to listen to you. We will obtain a history of how and when the injury has come about and ask questions to gain more information. We care and want to help so knowing more about you and how you are feeling is important. On follow up appointments we will ask how you felt after the last session and how you have been since. We'll want to know if the exercises are manageable and how your injury has behaved with daily function.

You will be physically assessed. Depending on what part of the body requires attention you will be asked to undress to a vest top, shorts or underwear. The physio will look closely at some movements and perform some tests, keeping you informed of what is being tested and the findings. Our physios are highly skilled in hands on assessments to get a better and more accurate assesment of your injury.

We do like to explain and teach you about the injury and the possible mechanisms which are causing the injury itself or the delay in recovery. We feel it's empowering to know whats going on with your body and it will help you understand why we recommend the treatments and the homework. If you would prefer not to know, then tell us.

Once we have told you what we think is going on we will offer various forms treatment and with your consent, proceed. For follow up appointments the treatment begins much more promptly as we will not have to re-test everything or take a prolonged histroy. At Nailsea Physio we have these amazing hands on skills and we want to use them to help you. We will not send you away with a sheet of exercises having had no input (*except on the very rare occasions where it would be unsafe to perform a tretment).

Some examples of our treatments are:

  • Acupuncture

  • Cupping

  • Electrotherapies

  • Joint mobilisation

  • Joint Manipulation

  • Massage

  • Movement Re-patterning

  • Taping

After the appointments:

We want to help you get better and make sure you stay better, hence we give homework. The body can begin to compensate following pain/injury and these compensations do not always go once you feel better leading to further issues later on. Or it may be that you are suffering form an imbalance resluting in you being in pain. The homework is there to help you reinstall better movement and strength. The exercises are sent via email with a link to a free phone app which allows you to view images and videos of your bespoke program. That way, you will not have to depend on regular treatment forever - we're ethical like that!

No hard sell!

We will honestly advise you on what we feel is beneficial to you based on our clinical reasoning and expertise. Should you decide not to go with our recommendation then we will respect that and not give you the hard sell.

Not just for sports participants.

Nailsea Physio is well equipped to cater for elite sports performers, but we also see many patients who are non-sporty, disabled and of any age (over 8 yrs). Hence our motto: For Work, For Sport, For Life.

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